Acai Berry Capsules 500mg

Holland & Barrett stock a wide array of health products all based around naturality – none more so that their Acai berry product.

Acai Berry 500mg is Holland and Barrets own brand and marketed in their typical low key unassuming way – which may be typical of H & B but not so for the rest Acai industry.

Acai berry products do tend to lead with a liberal sprinkling of hype which is a real pity because a majority of products (mainly originating from the USA) are diluting and confusing the whole ethos behind this wonderful natural plant.

Acai Berry Update

100% Pure Acai Berry is the best selling Acai based pill in the UK. It is made from genuine acai and soes not contains fillers, additives or fillers. It has recently been featured in the Sunday Express.

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Acai is so much more than a weight loss product

For the record, Acai is not just a weight loss product,  it can provide appetite suppressing, metabolism raising and fat burning capabilities provided undiluted Freeze Dried Acai is used in production. But, Acai is so much more than just a weight loss product – it can provide the following benefits:

  • Break up waste material and flush away toxins from your system
  • Weight Loss via appetite suppression and fat burning
  • Reduce the build up of excess gas and bloating – which is symptomatic of fatigue
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Aid the digestive process
  • Provide a boost to your immune system
“Acai berries contain extraordinary levels of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant as well as essential fatty acids that can help reduce cholesterol when used as part of a balanced diet.”

Holland And Barrett Acai Berry Capsules 500mg

Holland and Barretts own brand Acai capsule is a reasonable product that is reasonably priced.

Some cause for concern is that is no mention of the process involved from harvest, extraction to encapsulation. Has the product (berry) been freeze dried prior to exporting?

Most if not all natural products start to lose their benefit the moment they are plucked from their natural habitat – the quicker the Acai berry is freeze dried the better.

This is not to suggest that H & B’s own brand has not followed suit – maybe a bit more elaboration is needed.

At just under £15 it will not break the bank – but then again it may not offer the true benefit that the Acai berry could deliver.

Recommended Acai Berry Capsules

Acai Berries are a small round purple fruit that is similar in appearance to a blueberry or a grape  that grows in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Natives of the region have harvested and used this this berry as part of their diet for generations.

A premier product available to UK consumers is AcaiPlus – a 100% pure acai capsule covered by a CoA certificate.

It has also been featured in the National press – the Sunday Express

Currently Acai Plus is sold in combination with Detox Plus – the UK’s best selling colon cleanser

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