Alli Starter Pack Or Refill Pack

Alli starter pack or refill packThe introduction of Alli to the UK high street  has caused slight confusion Рthere appears to be several different Alli products. Hopefully we can dispel any confusion.

There is only one Alli weight loss aid – it is a 60mg hard capsule, containing 60mg of Orlistat (the active ingredient)

If you do decide to purchase via high street outlets such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc – you may be (should be) asked a few questions. Alli is designed for peple who have a BMI in excess of 28.

There are basically just two products to consider should you decide to use Alli.

They are detailed as follows:

Alli 60mg Hard Capsule 42 pack

Alli 60mg Hard Capsule 84 pack

The 42 pack is a two week supply whereas the 84 pack is the full month. Alli, as you may or may not realise is not herbal is it a drug classed product and so may cause a side effect.

UK consumers should ignore the starter pack and refill pack – it is more cost effective to purchase either the 42 or 84 pack

Before purchasing it is highly advised to become more acquainted with what Alli is and what it does.

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