Cuur Diet Pills UK

Cuur is a diet pill supplement consisting of four botanical extracts that has been formulated in Sweden.

Its creator is professor in medicine and has spent his entire professional and working life in the field of weight management and dieting.

The official Cuur website has a typically American flavour to it and doesn’t miss and an opportunity to display a celebrity association.

Katelyn Verrier (a Swedish bikini model) and actor Tom Arnold are all keen advocates.

Whether these two would be big enough to promote to the UK is another story.

“Thin is In”

So what Is Cuur

As touched upon it is a formulation of 4 botanicals (or natural substances) – Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Coleus Forskolii and Betula Alba

Of the four ingredients the biggest interest can be centred around just two:

Yerba Mate is a widely used ingredient first brought to fame by the UK’s very own Zotrim.

Green Tea possibly the most popular fat burning substance in existence.

How Does Cuur Help Weight Loss

The official website doesn’t delve deeply into the finer details as to how the product works this is an extract from the website

CUUR’s clinically tested formula promotes an increase in your metabolism and thermogenesis, enabling you to burn more calories throughout the day.

All very well and good but How?

The official site, courtesy of its question and answers section does tend to stress the importance of a healthy eating diet plan – which should not be underestimated but does seem to rely to heavily on the fact.

It is similar to a politician dodging an uncomfortable question.

Does Cuur Cause Side Effects

The four ingredients included are not known for their propensity to cause side effects.

Does Cuur Work

Absoltely no idea – real life customer comments and experiences are conspicuous by their absence.

Where To Buy Cuur UK

There does not appear to any outlet or stockist both online or via the high street to buy from.

Is It Recommended

Not for the time being until greater information is gleaned.

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