Hannah Waterman Diet Success Story

Hannah Waterman Diet Success

Hannah Waterman dietEx Eastender Hannah Waterman is undoubtedly the first diet success story of 2010 – or at least to be reported on and hit the headlines.

The UK loves a diet success story for motivation especially at this time of the year when many of us are trying to keep to our new year weight loss resolution

Hannah reportedy shed 2.5 stone and dropped 5 dress sizes to slim down from size 16 and weighing in at a hefty 10st 4lb. Now she is a slimmer 7st 10lb, and looks ideal for her 5ft 2in frame.

How Did Hannah Waterman Lose Weight

Hannah attributes her new svelte like figure to consistent exercise – she does this with the help of a person trainer, a luxury that perhaps many of us cannot afford

‘I didn’t want to do a crash diet – you have to lose weight steadily,’ she recently told Heat magazine.

‘I’ve been interval training, which basically means upping your heart rate and then dropping it down and again and then getting it high again.

Hannah Waterman Body Blitz DVDHannah has also revealed that she has overhauled her food intake – she’s cut down on portion size and alcohol and now snacks on unsalted.

So basically nothing out of the ordinary and nothing revolutionary.

To celebrate her new body Hannah has produced a DVD (Body Blitz) – no real surprise there.

Body Blitz is available in most stockist such as HMV and WH Smiths among others.

Suppress Appetite And Reduce Daily Calorie Intake

One ideal that Hannah has proved is that the most effective long term solution for sustained and permanent weight loss is cut down on daily calorie intake and avoid the fad diet.

Capsiplex is the original Chili diet pill.

When Capsiplex was released it sold out completely after just 3 days selling 50,000 units. It sold a reported 1 million units in first 6 month.

Capsiplex has many celebrities associated with it and has been coined the Miracle Diet Pill.

To find out why read more about Capsiplex

Appesat Celebrity Testimonial

Vanessa Feltz And Her Appesat Weight Loss Success

Appesat and Vanessa FeltzThe celebrity weight loss story is a major coup for any diet pill manufacturer.

Appesat seems to have pulled off a pretty big one with the enrollment of Vanessa Feltz.

The usual occurrence is to employ the assistance of a well know personality who is in no obvious need of attention in the weight loss department and spin a story.

Without wishing be overly unkind toVanessa Feltz – her weight loss success is something that needed to happen.

Vanessa Drops Four Dress Sizes

Appesat Slimming Success Story involving Vanessa FeltzIn March of this year (2009) Vanessa tipped the scales at 15st 5lb and was shopping for something in a size 18.

Four months on and some one and a half stones lighter – something in a size 14 is more suitable.

Vanessa attributes her weight loss success to the use of Appesat, the new diet pill made from (of all things) seaweed and available to buy over the counter.

“I’ve shied away from slimming products in the past but as Appesat is completely natural I thought I would give it a go. There are no nasty side effects, the tablets are easy to swallow and it doesn’t effect  your metabolism, it just helps you control your appetite and reduce the amount you eat without feeling hungry.

Appesat The Seaweed Diet Pill

Without wishing to rain on Appesat’s parade, a little bit of balance is required before you go rushing to the high street.

At present, Appesat has some pretty compelling evidence to suggest it is one of the better diet products but it is not completely without concern from a safety aspect.

Read the Appesat Review


Proactol Success Stories And Testimonials

Testimonials & Success Stories From Proactol Users

Proactol success stories from the UKPossibly the biggest endorsement for any diet product are real life success stories involving satisfied customers.

The testimonials or success stories that are featured on a majority of diet pill product websites do though on occasions feel a tad fabricated – especially the current batch of fat burners that are emanating from the United States.

UK focused diet pills and weight loss products do seem to offer more in the way of impartiality and believability.

Real Testimonials From Real People!

This is highlighted by Nottingham based Proactol and the use of the video testimonial and the use of real people that actually look like they have actually used the product.

Proactol real life success storiesOne of the best real life testimonials featured Laura Price and her 2006 diet success story that was featured in the Daily Express newspaper.

Laura, from West Sussex,  shed 6 dress sizes and lost over a third of her body weight in just under 8 months, attributing her success to Proactol  (a natural fat binder) and a change to her lifestyle.

“It was a shock nobody has actually used that word before and I’d never considered myself to be obese.”

By her mid teens, Laura was well on her way to becoming obese – by her early twenties she weighed in at just over 15st.

It was her doctors classification of her obesity that provided the catalyst.

Proactol Success Stories From The UK

Several other Proactol success stories are featured on the official website, not just from the UK but from all over the world – here are few stand outs.

Rebecca Bertrum UK – Legal Secretary

Proactol success storyWorking in a highly pressurised job, Rebecca found that peer pressure and numerous business lunches made it hard to lose unwanted lbs.

Rebecca had been on numerous diets in the past and was sick of feeling constantly hungry and achieving minimal progress at  ½ lb or less per week.

Her sisters wedding provided her with the goal and Proactol provided her with the solution.

Aisha Rayman UK – Customer Services

Proactol real life testimonialAisha achieved her weight loss target in just under 6 months.

An injury sustained in a car accident meant that she was unable to be as active as she once was. Her weight crept up.

The fat binding properties of Proactol helped her control her weight and reduce it to the level it was before her accident.

Stephen Bamford UK – Company Director

Proactol weight loss success storyProviding proof that is not just women that are concerned about weight issues.

Stephen was informed by his doctor that his cholesterol had risen from 7.2 to 8.0, and that his blood sugar was too high.

Proactol was suggested to him – in just 3 months Stephen has brought his cholesterol level down and shed just over a stone.

Proactol The Natural Binder

Proactol is a clinically proven diet product that has been classed a Medical Device Type 1 and has been granted the CE mark of approval.

Proactol is produced and distributed from within the UK and is fully guaranteed for 6 months. If Proactol does not meet your expectation you are within your rights to return it for a refund.

Purchases can be made without the need of a prescription and direct from the official website. A telephone number is clearly displayed and the call centre is based in Nottingham.

Proactol is a safer, natural alternative to chemical based pharmaceutical and usually prescription only diet pills.

Buy Proactol DirectCurrently a month supply will cost around £49 with discounts for quantity purchases, its is not cheap but quality seldom is  – inputting the discount or eVoucher code PROAC8 will entitle you to a 8% discount from 3 months packages and above plus also the latest Celebrity Diets ebook.

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