New Diet Powder Methyl Cellulose

Recent media reports are highlighting a new diet powder that is being formulated to help slimmers cut down their food portions significantly.

When introduced to water the diet powder forms a gel and swells to 5 times its original size. Fruit based drinks and soups are the types of foods that work particularly well.

This ultimately leads to appetite control and can help slimmers dramatically reduce their daily calorie intake.

The new diet powder is called Methyl Cellulose – it is not as new as the media would have us believe, it has been around for nearly 50 years. It is primararily used as a food additive that glues together baked goods, snacks and ready meals.

It is a staple substance in some of todaysbest and most popular commercial diet pills with Meratol being arguably the most noteworthy

Normally Methyl Cellulose would be digested and allowed to go straight through the bowel without any effect, but the new powder has been altered from its original state and re-formulated as an appetite suppressant to form a gelatinous mass when it reaches body temperature and stays safely in the gut before passing through the body naturally.

Methyl Cellulose Suppresses Appetite

As pointed out above, Methyl Cellulose in its normal state is is just a binding agent for foodstuff.

It has no alternative function or mechanic or action.

After modification it now has the capacity to control hunger or act as an appetite suppressant, the new reformulated substances has been renamed SATISFIT-LTG.

SATISFIT-LTG is almost colourless powder that turns to a thick gel-like paste when it comes into contact with water and then remaining at room temperature in the stomach.

Appetite suppression is arguably one of the best methods of long terms sustainable weight loss

Clinical studies have proved that subjects who used SATISFIT-LTG took on 17% less calories than subjects who did not.