DeCarb Carb Blocker

Decarb carb blockerDECarb is the new carb blocker from Goldshield Healthcare, the same company responsible for Lipobind and Appesat.

DECarb is designed to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrate absorption by over 60% and it is claimed that if taken as recommended you lose approximately 2lb per week.

DEcarb contains an ingredient called PhaseLite. PhaseLite a self formulated glycoprotein complex that prevents a portion of carbohydrate digestion.

The manufacturers recommend that DEcarb is most effective when used together with a sensible and healthy diet and exercise program.

There are also some appetite suppressing properties within the formula that can reduce food cravings.

So Does DECarb Work

The formulation is has been developed but one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

It has many satisfied customers – recently Gail Porter gave a glowing testimonial.

“With the help of DEcarb™ I have lost over a stone since the beginning of the year. I look and feel the best I have done in years and the weight loss has given me a real confidence boost.  I especially love my bottom and legs and I am looking forward to wearing lots of cute shorts this summer!”

Any Side Effects With DECarb

It is a certified Class 2a medical device product which means that it exerts a physical rather than a biochemical effect on the body, if taken as suggested it should not pose a problem to health.

Where To Buy DECarb

DECarb should be available to buy over the counter in the high street at the regular health and weight loss product stockists such as Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and Tesco, Asda etc… priced around £29.00

It is also available from authorised online retailer Evolution-Slimming for £21.95

Is DECarb Recommended

Absolutely – Highly Recommended, a natural product that can help you to lose weight without going without the things you enjoy

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