Facelift for £30 – Eye Secrets

The British media has been caught in Eye Secrets frenzy with the Times newspaper the latest broadsheet to feature the “£30 Facelift

Tabloids are generally accepted to be a soft touch with reagards to the frivolous – but when a quality publication such as the Times shows an interest, there must be real substance behind the story.

Eye Secrets has been coined the £30 facelift – which basically means for 30 quid you get a facelift?  Not exactly ….

Eye Secrets (Upper Eyelid Lift) consists of minute, transparent strips that are attached to the upper lid to give the appearance of wider, younger and more alert looking eyes.

Droopy, hooded or saggy upper eyelid can age us quite considerably – Eye Secrets addresses this problem…. and rather well

Application is very quick and simple and the results will astound you. The strips are very discreet once placed on the eyelid and will last up to 12 hours.

A 30 day packet is priced at £29.

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