Frequently Asked Questions About Diet Pills

Question about Diet PillsThe casual consumer will probably not realise that diet pills are not all the same. Diet pills, slimming tablets or weight loss supplements (whatever you want to call them) are vastly different and safety and effect varies wildly depending on which brand or genre is your preferred.

We have highlighted some of the major difference between prescription and non prescription slimming tablets before in the Diet Pills Guide – this article gives a more specific answer to some of the frequently asked question posed by UK dieters and consumers.

What Diet Pills Can I Buy Over The Counter

You can buy any non prescription slimming tablet over the counter or via the internet. Non prescription slimming products are not classed as drugs and usually made up of herbal compound and so are free to purchase.

What Diet Pills Cant I Buy

Anything that is drug classed or prescription only – such as Xenical

Where Can I Buy Diet Pills

A UK consumer is most likely to find slimming products in major high street chemist chains and health stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett. Supermarkets have begun to stock products such as AdiosLipobind and Hoodia . Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda have taken to stocking the aforementioned products.

The internet is great resource for buying slimming products – it is highly advisable to only purchase products from reputable online companies that display a telephone number and that are based in the UK.

Some US slimming products may seem cheap at first glance but when the cost of shipping is taken into consideration it can become cost prohibitive.

Do Diet Pills Cause Side Effects

A majority of the prescription only slimming drugs can cause a side effect. These are usually chemical compounds and designed to treat obesity quickly and powerfully. The flip side to this speed and power is a potential side effect or two.

You are least likely to experience a side effect with a non prescription slimming tablets – as they are natural and herbal in compound. Side effects can still occur but the severity is greatly reduced.

Can I Overdose On Non Prescription Diet Pills

There is a risk of overdose on virtually everything (not just slimming products) This may seem condescending but – always read the label.

Whats Best a Fat Burner, Fat Binder or Appetite Suppressant

There is not really a “best” it will depend on what works for you.

Fat Burners are the least effective of the three as fat burners work by raising the metabolism and do not aid the weight loss process simply on consumption. Read about Fat Burners

Fat Binders are possibly the most effective as they work in a similar way to the potent diet drugs buy stopping the absorption of fat from food consumed. Read about Fat Binders

Appetite Suppressants work for people you find it difficult reducing the amount of food consumed on a daily basis. Read about Appetite Suppressants