Femme Herb Slim Aid From Boots

Femmeherb Slim Aid BootsBoots the chemists stock several well known slimming and weight loss products – one of the lesser know is Potters Femmeherb Slim Aid.

It is a natural and herbal product that is not too dissimilar to a few other products within the Boots product line up – Adios and Boots own Diet Aid spring to mind.

Read About Adios

The main ingredients of Slim Aid are fucus, dandelion root and boldo – so more or less exactly like Adios.

How Does It Work

The formula has been found to have a high anti-oxidant content and is used in herbal medicine to boost metabolism

Slim Aid is also designed to reduced and control calorie consumption.

Possible Side Effects

Shouldn’t cause cause much in the way of a side effect.

Where To Buy

Boots the chemists in store.

Is Femmeherb Slim Aid Recommended

Products such as Femmeherb, Adios and Diet Aid are aimed at the lower and cheap end of the market.

They are unlikely to cause any negative effects – but equally unlikely to produce any positive ones.

Alternative Diet Pills

Diet Pill GuideProducts such as aimed at the lower end of the market and may a gentle introduction for nayone new to the use of diet pill.

For a guide and help to select an effective prescription only or non prescription diet pill – Read Diet Pill Guide