Fenterdren Diet Pills

Fenterdren Fat Burner ReviewThe official Fenterdren website claims that its fat burner is the most potent and controversial diet pill – that is still legal.

It also claims to be Ephedra free – which should not be that hard to achieve seeing as Ephedra has been banned for the commercial diet pill market for a number of years now.

How Does Fenterdren Work

Fenterdren is a fat burner that stimulates our Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (or CART) and also inhibits our Neuropeptide-Y (NPY)  – This may not mean an awful lot and is a typical example of a diet pill that tries to blind with science but actually deliver very little.

Two other US based diet pills that use the same kind of ideology are Nuphedragen and Fenphedra

Deep within your brain, inside the satiety center of your hypothalamus there is a chemical process called “CART.” The C stands for cocaine and the A for amphetamine because these drugs put this chemical into overdrive. When CART is stimulated it increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite, creates a feeling of euphoria, and increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles rather than be stored as body fat.”

Ingredients Of Fenterdren

The main ingredients are Synephrine hcl, Phenylethyamine hcl, and Dicaffeine Malate – there is strong reference to that fact that there is no trace of Ephedra or Ephadrine derivatives included in the compound.

Ephedra has been classed as a banned substance for quite a while now – it was linked to some pretty nasty effects. More about Ephedra

Fenterdren Side Effects

Can cause a feeling of restlessness, insomnia and anxiety. Fat burner raise the metabolism in a similar way that can be experienced by drinking too much caffeine.

Is Fenterdren Recommended

The new breed of diet pills that seem to be arriving from the states with scientific, complicated explanations as to how they work are not enhancing the reputation of the over the counter diet pill industry – avoid!

Where To Buy Fenterdren

You can buy Fenterdren direct from their website – if you do decide to purchase (buyer beware) as there is only an email address to use for contact.

If you have any issues and decide to return the product you will have to rely on actually receiving an answer – many customer have complained of not being to contact the company responsible for supply.

Alternative Diet Pills

Xenical by prescription onlyIf you have a high BMI in the mid 30’s you may be eligible for a prescription diet pill.

The most commonly prescribed diet pill is Xenical. Xenical is not for sale, the only way to obtain is to make an appointment with your GP. More about Xenical