Fibretrim Review

Fibretrim is the latest diet drink to be released into the ever expanding weight loss market and competes with the likes of Slimshot, Lean 1, The One Week Diet System and several of the other slimming drinks that are currently been advertised and punted in the media.

Fibretrim has been created using clinical data from over 20 years of research and is based on the Zotrim diet pill formula. Zotrim is possibly the diet pill with the most history behind it, the most independent clinical study and highest level of positive critical review.

In 2009 the BBC ran an “watchdog” type documentary called Professor Regans Diet Clinic – the programme was an expose on the over the counter diet pill industry in the UK.

Professor Reagan is not known for her tolerance commercial health products.

Several high profile diet products that are found in the likes of Boots the Chemist and Supedrug, Tesco etc… took a hammering – Zotrim though escaped with almost muted approval from Professor Reagan. Read about Zotrim

“Participants consumed 27% less calories” – Dr Jason Halford of University of Liverpool

How Does Fibretrim Work

Fibretrim is a high fibre, drink mix which you add water to.

It is available in just the one flavour currently, orange and mango – why just the one flavour and why orange and mango is a bit of a mystery.

As mentioned above it shares the clinically tested Zotrim formula of 100% natural ingredients such as Yerbe Mate, Guarana, and Damiana.

It is very simple to use –  you make a drink in the morning 10 to 15 minutes before breakfast.

Fibretrim is basically all the benefits of Zotrim in a drink.

  • Reduce the amount of calories you are consuming
  • Increase the amount of calories you are burning

“2.3 kg average weight loss in six weeks” – British Food Journal

Does Fibretrim Work

All diet products live or die by their own efficacy – Zotrim has been available to buy for over 10 years. Fibretrim is basically Zotrim in a drink form.

Any product that has existed for this kind of timescale should be given serious consideration.

The ingredient contained within Fibretrim have quite possibly the best reputation for impartial clinical study.

No fewer than 8 independent documents exist dating back to 2001 with The British Food Journal and Kings College London among the authors.

Fibretrim Side Effects

Every ingestible product designed for consumption carries a risk of side effects – Fibretrim currently does not pose any threat to health if used as suggested.

Is Fibretrim Recommended

If a slimming drink is your chosen method of weight loss Fibretrim should be given serious consideration.

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Fibretrim

Fibretrim is only available to buy from the official website. It cannot be purchased in the high street or from any other third party stockist of weight loss products.

It appears on first glance that is more expensive than its competitors until you factor in the number of sachets per box – and course Fibretrim actually works!!!!

Currently prices start from £24.95 for twenty days supply (just over £1 per day) to £65 for a 3 pack.