Lipobind At Tesco

Rumours that high street supermarket Tesco about to stop selling the popular fat Lipobind in all probability false.

Its more likely a case that stock levels are running dry and stock cannot be replenished quickly enough.

So why all of a sudden has Lipobind experienced an up turn in sales?

The most likely reason for this is the recent media explosion surrounding another diet pill, Capsiplex.

Capsiplex has appeared all of the media in most tabloid newspapers – a reported 1 million units have been sold since the start of the year.

Dieters eager to get their hands on the latest weight loss miracle pill have been disappointed that Capsiplex cannot be purchased in store have plumped for an alternative product.

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Capsiplex have experienced unprecedented sales with no small thanks to numerous articles in the national press.

The Daily Mail, Express, Mirror, Star, Sun, Telegraph and many more smaller regional newspapers have all run stories featuring the diet pill that has a main ingredient of Capsicum or red hot chili pepper.

Capsiplex is has also been coined the Hollywood diet pill with celebrities such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez reportedly amongst its customer base.

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