Thermobol Diet Pill Review

Thermobol fat loss weight management capsulesThermobol is the weight management formula from Maximuscle.

Maximusle have several weigh loss (or weight management) products within their range – Thermobol is the flagship product aimed at fat burning and fat loss.

Although billed as not gender specific, Thermobol is aimed towards men rather than women. It is sold from a variety of online stockists that are focused on bodybuilding and fitness rather than diet, slimming and weight loss.

What Is Thermobol

A herbal formula that is geared towards helping you burn and mobilise fat. When used in conjunction with a fairly rigorous exercise regime it is suggested that Thermobol can help increase fat loss rather that just weight loss (weight loss can be caused by getting rid of excess water – fat loss is the reduction, removal and reapplication of body fat)

Thermobol Ingredients

Bitter orange peel (Citrus Aurantium6) 325mg, L-Tyrosine 300mg, Caffeine 153mg, Green Tea Extract (90% polyphenols) 100mg, Vit B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate) 30mg, Vit B1 (Thiamin Hcl) 25mg, Guarana Seed Powder 12mg, Bioperine (Black pepper extract) 5mg, Vit B12 – Cyanocobalamin 200ug, D-Biotin 180ug, Chromium 100ug, Capsaicin extract from Hot Cayenne pepper 120ug.

Can Thermobol Cause Side Effects

Thermobol is generically, a fat burner – fat burners can cause side effects. The severity of the side effect is largely dependant on the ingredients within the formula. Thermobol does not contain anything out of the ordinary.

Thermobol contains Caffeine (over 150mg) and so some users may experience the jitters, restlessness or slight headaches – basically all the usual symptoms of a larger than usual quantity of caffeine.

Does Thermobol Work

A popular product among the bodybuilding brigade, not so for the casual dieter. Thermobol does not have much in the way of clinical data- but on the positive side, there is a long history of usage.

Where To Buy Thermobol

Thermobol is available to buy at many online supplement stores – type “Buy Thermobol” into your favourite search engine and pick one – pricing is similar for many stockists.

Purchases can also be made at Tesco and Boots the Chemists.

Alternatives To Thermobol

Capsiplex is a powerful and yet safe fat burner. It is quite possibly the fat burner with the most column inches written about it.

When Capsiplex was released it sold out completely after just 3 days selling 50,000 units. It sold a reported 1 million units in first 6 month.

Capsiplex contains an ingredient usually reserved for the NHS but is available to buy without prescription. It has been coined the Miracle Diet Pill.

To find out why read more about Capsiplex