New Lipobind Review

Lipobind is the self professed best selling diet pill in the UK, now a new improved formula has been released.

Lipobind is a fat binder that can prevent the absorption of approximately 27% of the fat content from the food that you consume.

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Lipobind binds fat as soon as it is exposed to dietary fats in the stomach, forming a large fat-fibre complex.

A gel is then formed that covers and stabilizes the complex. Once this gel is formed, the complex remains unaffected by the changes in pH levels that occur between the stomach and the small intestine.

This fat-fibre complex with the undigested fat is stopped from being absorbed in the small intestine and can then leave your body via bowel movements

How Is The New Lipobind Different From The Original

The new Lipobind formula is not so different from the original product, the inclusion of vitamins A, D and E does not really justify a new product launch.

Is It Worth Buying The New Lipobind Formula

Lipobind is a good product and is proven to be effective – the fact that is has been in existence for several years underlines that.

However, users would be better suited to taking additional vitamins by way of a multivitamin tablet rather than rely on the new formula.

Where To Buy New Lipobind

Soon to be available to buy in most high street stores that carry diet pills: Boots, Superdrug, Tesco are likely candidates.

Can be purchased from authorised online stockist Evolution Slimming for around £25.00.