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Phosphacore diet pill reviewPhosphacore is a typically American diet pill that tries to distance itself from its competitors by drawing attention to some pretty amazing results.

Phosphacore is a fat burner and manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research.

The official website is devoid of any real information apart from advertising soundbites and taglines. There is also a worrying lack of contact information that could prove problematic should a customer service arise.

How Does Phosphacore Work

According to the official website “research from Norway’s Medstat Medical Centre shows the active ingredient in Phosphacore (an extract from the plant Carthamus tinctorius) rapidly oxidizes subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue.

How this actually happens is not explained.

Does Phosphacore Cause Side Effects

Fat burners in general ar prone to causing minor side effects. Fat burners raise the metabolism that can make some users experience a jittery feeling, nausea and headache.

Does Phosphacore Work

The kindest thing we can say about Phosphacore is to look elsewhere

Where To Buy Phosphacore In The UK

Cannot be purchased in the UK via the high street. The official US based website appears to be the only stockist

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