Discount e-Vouchers For Proactol

ProactolThe makers of Proactol have released their latest e-Voucher code to claim 10% off selected packages of the popular fat binder.

Just in time for Easter.

There are certain times of the year that temptation and the effects of over indulgence may just get the better of us – Easter is definitely high on the list!

To combat the effects of chocolate overdose, fat binders can help reduce calorie consumption and prevent over a quarter of from fat from food (Easter eggs!!!) consumed from being digested and subsequently appearing where you dont want it to.

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How To Claim Your Proactol Discount

The discount is available to over 18’s only and one evoucher code per household. The evoucher will entitle you to 10% discount from 4 months packages and above making their latest Easter campaign the cheapest Proactol offer to date.

Proactol can only be purchased from their official website – orders can be placed either by telephone or online using a debit or credit card.

Dont forget to use the eVoucher code type EASPR8 at checkout (in the box says E-Voucher)

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