Acomplia Rimonabant Review

Review of Rimonbant Acomplia Diet DrugAcomplia is the brand name of the prescription only diet drug – Rimonabant.

Rimonabant is an extremely strong and powerful pharmaceutical grade  appetite suppressant that is not without its fair share of potential side effects – so much so that in October 2008 it was removed from shelves amid fears that it could have be responsible for some potentially fatal health conditions.

Acomplia Is No Longer Available

Acomplia was only available via doctor consultation and subsequent prescription – it cannot be purchased legally over the counter or via the internet. Upon its introduction to the market it was viewed by many health care professionals as the anti obesity drug of the future.

Since 2006 it is estimated that over one hundred thousand (100,00) patients have been prescribed the drug – there is little doubt that it is effective for suppressing appetite but the  potential danger and negative side effects heavily outweigh the positives – hence the removal from the market.

What Is Rimonabant Acomplia

As mentioned, a powerful appetite suppressant drug that can influence the brain and its ability to cease craving  sustenance (food)

The aim of Acomplia is to reduce the want for food and in particular suppress the appetite. The appetite suppressing nature of Acomplia works by effecting the brains cannabinoid receptors – these receptors are thought to control dependency (addiction) and in turn reduce the want for food.

It was not just aimed at obese patients but anyone who had issues with curbing addiction such as alcohol, tobacco and other dependency forming drugs.

Possible Acomplia Side Effects

  • Memory loss
  • Stomach upsets, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Cramping of the stomach
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia, tiredness or fatigue
  • Panic attacks and mental disorders
  • Tendonitis
  • Memory loss

Other more serious side effects have been reported with a possible link to the suicide of a woman whilst under the drug. Acomplia, ironically can cause a dependency on the drug itself.

Acomplia Positives

The effect it can have on controlling appetite is not doubted – before the ban it was considered of the most effective (non natural appetite suppressants)

Acomplia Negatives

Side effects ranging from the minor to the severe have made this diet drug pretty much obsolete now – some of the more natural comparable appetite suppressants have proved to be as effective whilst not producing the dangers physical and mental issues.

How To Buy Acomplia

Not available for legal purchase either now of before the 2008 ban. Acomplia can still be purchased from the web but it is highly advised not to do so – as it was originally a prescription only diet drug and doctor administration is/was vital for safety.

Best Prescription Diet Pill

In is generally accepted in most quarters that Orlistat, brand name Xenical is the most effective prescription only diet pill.

Xenical cannot be purchased it is only obtainable from a GP or doctor and only prescribed to patients who have an very high BMI. More about Xenical

Commercial Alternative

Proactol Plus is often chosen by many dieters as a safer alternative to prescription diet pills.

While most prescription based tablets are very much chemical in constitution, Proactol Plus is derived from a natural plant source.

Proactol Plus is free from side effects, non addicative, can be purchased without prescription and can be responsible for helping you reduce your calorie intake by 295 per day.

More about Proactol Plus