Slim N Sexy Diet Pills

Slim and Sexy Diet PillsIf branding is anything to go by – the Slim N Sexy Pill is a product that would most likely appeal to every woman with a BMI (Body Mass Index) upwards of 25.

Imagine a product that can aid the weight loss process and give you an improvement to your love life by boosting your libido.

A combination of three herbs can do exactly that says the Slimnsexy website!

There is similar product available in the United States that promises all of the above … and a potion to increase your breast size.

What is The Slim N Sexy Slimming Pill

A combination of natural herbs with the main three being:

  • Yerba Mate
  • Damiana
  • Guarana

Slim N Sexy In The Media

The Sun newspaper published an article detailing the plight of a 22 year old man who planned to make legal history by naming a diet product (Slim N Sexy Pill) as third party in a divorce.

According to the 22 year old man – his wife shed two stones and became so over keen on bedtime activities that he couldn’t keep up and felt constantly tired trying to appease his wife’s new found libido – arguments subsequently ensued and legal action sought.

Real story or clever marketing job – the simple fact that the Sun newspaper ran the story casts just the slightest doubt over its validity and that the story may have been planned for a marketing campaign.

Any Side Effects

Unlikely to cause any side effects, that is aside from disappointment

Does The Slim and Sexy Diet Pill Work

The kindest thing to say about this product is that it most likely wont effect your weight loss effective positively and more than likely wont improve your love life.

The clinical trials that supposedly took place look highly dubious.

Alternative Diet Pills

Proactol Plus – a serious commercial diet pill with certification.

Proactol Plus is the heavy weight diet product that is fully licensed by the MHRA – Slim N Sexy is anything but.

Proactol Plus does exactly what it says on the tin.

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