SlimThru From Boots

Slimthru diet drinkSlimThru is an all natural slimming drink aimed at reducing your calorie intake if taken on a regular basis.

SlimThru is contained in miniature cartons and can be drunk on its own or added to tea, coffee, muesli or even mixed with any kind of food dressing.

Just one portion per day (7.5ml) is enough for most people to suppress appetite.

How Does SlimThru Work

SlimThru works by suppressing appetite. Appetite suppressants are an extremely effective method for reducing calorie consumption leading to safe, controlled and ultimately permanent weight loss. Read more about Appetite Suppressants

The ingredients contained in each mini carton can create a feeling of satiety – this means that you feel fuller for longer and lessen the need or want to snack between meals.

You can also expect to feel fuller sooner whilst eating your usual sized food portion.

The great thing about appetite suppressants is that you can still eat the things you enjoy – but less of them. Appetite suppressants such as Slimthru can provide the will power often lacking for a diet to be a success.

It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans – the ingredients of the drink are free from sweeteners, flavourings and colours and has an “oaty taste”

Buy SlimthruWhere To Buy SlimThru

SlimThru is available to buy online at Boots the Chemist

SlimThru is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone who is extemely obese.