UK Women Are The Fattest In Europe

Nearly 25% Of British Women Are Obese

The latest figures released and published in the Daily Mail suggest that British women are the the fattest in Europe, with British men coming second in the male competition.

These figures although not a total shock are a bit of surprise – its a surprise that Britain has come first at something (although our men did finish second).

What is also a surprise is that some of the other positions are filled with countries that you would not necessarily association with obesity.

Malta’s women ran us close with the second highest obesity levels with Maltese men coming top of the pile with a staggering 24.7% – thats 1 in 4 Maltese men suffering from obesity.

Other noteworthy mentions go to Greece with both men and women scoring 17.6% – although with the new austerity measures taking hold in Greece it is likely that these figures would improve over the next few months.

Romania and Italy were the countries least affected by Obesity.

Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden were not involved in the survey for reasons better known to themselves.

Full fat league table below.

How Are The Results Calculated

The results are calculated and based on on the Body Mass Index (BMI), where the weight in kilos is divided by the square of the height in metres.

A body mass index of between 18.5 and 24.9 is generally accepted to be considered healthy, while a measurement over 25 is overweight and higher than 30 indicates obesity.

What Is Your Body Mass Index

How To Reduce Your Body Mass Index

If the answer could be summed up in a short sentence it would read like this ..”Eat less food, consume less calories.” but of course that is easier said than done.

With the new year around the corner why not start your resolution diet now.



Diet Pills On Prescription

Prescription Diet Pills

Prescribed diet drugsIf you are considering using a diet pill there is one very big decision to make.

Should I use a prescribed or prescription diet pill or choose one of the over the counter products via the high street or from the web.

In reality though the decision is out of your hands – a prescribed diet pill does not really involve a choice, it is your GP or doctor that makes the choice if he or she considers your current health issue to be to such an extent that a drug is your best chance of reducing your weight.

A typical benchmark is your BMI (Body Mass Index) if you have a BMI of 30 or above you may stand a chance of being a prescription, any lower and you will have little chance.

Prescribed diet pills are chemically produced substances and classed as drugs – there is nothing natural about prescription diet pills.

If you are offered a prescription you will have to think about the possible side effects – prescribed slimming tablets significantly raise the possibility of causing side effects. Some are just a minor irritant but others can have more severe implications.

Commonly Prescribed Slimming Tablets

Typically there are only a handful of products that your GP is likely to prescribe should you qualify:

Xenical – a high strength fat blocker that uses the active ingredient Orlistat.

Xenical can block around a quarter of dietary fat food consumed but can cause side effects. Xenical is by far the most commonly prescribed slimming drug. More about Xenical

Other slimming drugs that are often prescribed are Reductil, Phentermine, Meridia and Bontril – these are appetite suppressants and dramatically reduce your want or need for food.

Just as with Xenical, prescription appetite suppressants can also cause a wide range of side effects. More about Appetite Suppressants

Can I Buy Prescription Diet Pills

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Can I buy prescription only diet pills over the counter or via the web?” This is where the the concept gets a bit cloudy.

Prescription diet pills should only be available via GP or doctor consultation, however the black market does exist.

It is highly advised to refrain from purcahsing any drug classed weight loss product from the web – at best the chances of recieving the legitimate “ordered” product are extremely low and at worst you will be unsupervised during your administration of the drug into your body.

So, if you are considering the use of a prescription diet pill – your first point of call should be with your GP!

Alternatives To Prescribed Diet Drugs

Non prescription or over the counter diet pills can be obtained without any recommendation or approval from your GP.

Herbal diet pillsOver the counter or OTC diet pills are usually herbal based an present a much lower chance of experiencing a side effect.

The choices available in this market can be overwhelming.

If you are considering buying a non prescription diet pill – Read Herbal Diet Pills

Reductil Prescription Diet Pill

Reductil Sibutramine How Does It Work

Reductil Sibutramine diet drugReductil is another commonly prescribed diet pill or diet drug – it is the brand name for the active ingredient Sibutramine.

Like most other prescription only diet pills, Reductil has been proven to be effective to tackle obesity but can also cause a few problems of its own.

Prescription only diet pills are not available to purchase either in the high street or from independent websites. Diet pills such as Reductil are very much chemical compounds (drugs) and so have to adhere to governmental legislation.

The most likely prescribed diet drug is Xenical. Read about Xenical

How Does Reductil Work

During the consumption of food our brain releases two chemicals; noradrenaline and serotonin. When these two naturally produced chemicals reach the required level we feel full and the need or want for food ceases.

After time our noradrenaline and serotonin levels normalise and reach a lower level where we feel like eating again – Reductil can stop the levels of these two chemicals reaching a lower point thus lengthening the time between the want or need for food.

In other words the active ingredient (Sibutramine) suppresses appetite and greatly reduces your daily calorie consumption.

Does Reductil Cause Side Effects

Although Sibutramine has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as an anti obesity treatment there are several side effects that could result.

Common side effects include: nausea, upset stomach, dry mouth, increased heart rate, dizziness, headache, increased blood pressure, depression, and joint and muscle pain.

If you do experience any of the side effects detailed, cease taking and report any serious side effects to your doctor immediately.

How To Obtain Reductil

As mention previously all diet pills that are prescription only (or should be prescription only) can only be obtained via GP consultation.

Your GP or doctor may or may not prescribe – it will be largely dependent on your current BMI (Body Mass Index) and your GP’s stance of diet pill. Some GP’s prescribe and are in favour, others are not.

Natural Alternatives To Reductil

In April 2011 the MHRH (Medicine & Health Regulatory Authority) to comply with EU regulations has ruled that diet pills can only be supplied to a british consumer base if the product meets certain criteria. While hundreds of competing brands have and are disappearing Proactol Plus remains.

Proactol Plus is Legal, Effective  and Available without prescription

More about Proactol Plus