Lipobind Absent At Tesco

Lipobind At Tesco

Rumours that high street supermarket Tesco about to stop selling the popular fat Lipobind in all probability false.

Its more likely a case that stock levels are running dry and stock cannot be replenished quickly enough.

So why all of a sudden has Lipobind experienced an up turn in sales?

The most likely reason for this is the recent media explosion surrounding another diet pill, Capsiplex.

Capsiplex has appeared all of the media in most tabloid newspapers – a reported 1 million units have been sold since the start of the year.

Dieters eager to get their hands on the latest weight loss miracle pill have been disappointed that Capsiplex cannot be purchased in store have plumped for an alternative product.

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Capsiplex have experienced unprecedented sales with no small thanks to numerous articles in the national press.

The Daily Mail, Express, Mirror, Star, Sun, Telegraph and many more smaller regional newspapers have all run stories featuring the diet pill that has a main ingredient of Capsicum or red hot chili pepper.

Capsiplex is has also been coined the Hollywood diet pill with celebrities such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez reportedly amongst its customer base.

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Most Popular Diet Pills 2009 2010

Most Popular Diet Pills

2009 was a profitable year for the over the counter diet pill industry with a few new products being introduced into the market. 2010 is set to be even more so.

Here is a list of the most popular diet pills from the previous year. These results are taken from approximate volume.

If you do decide to buy a diet pill be careful to read the reviews – as most popular doesn’t necessarily equate to being most effective.

Alli Fat Blocker

Alli 2010Alli was introduced to Britain in the spring. A huge marketing campaign ensured Alli got off to a successful launch as media campaign on the television, newspaper, magazines and radio meant that anyone who was at least considering a diet pill would have at least added Alli to their possible list.

Alli is chemically produced drug – a lower strength version of Xenical. It can be purchased without prescription but can cause one or two side effects

Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia 2010Suppressing appetite is one of the most effective ways to reduce calorie intake – Hoodia is considered to be the most effective natural appetite suppressant. To further enhance the positivity Unique Hoodia is accepted to be the highest strength genuine Hoodia Gordonii capsule available to purchase.

Unique Hoodia is South African sourced, certified and distributed in the UK.


Lipobind 2010Lipobind was the most prominent diet pill on display in store at the likes of Boots, Superdrug and Tesco – this was until Alli was introduced.

Lipobind is a fat binder that stop the absorption of fat from the food that your eat.

Lipobind professes to be the best selling diet pill in the UK. There are several associations with the minor celebrity and weight loss success stories.


Proactol 2010Proactol is also fat binder but a higher dosage than Lipobind.

Proactol is classed as a medical device type 1 but available to buy without prescription. Proactol is also clinically proven and has all necessary accreditation.

The last 2 years have seen Proactol receive “diet pill of the year” title awarded by the Daily Telegraph in their yearly poll of successful dieters.

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A sample of’s impressive diet products line up include.

Alli Orlistat

Alli Diet PillsThe most discussed and popular diet pill currently available to buy over the counter. Alli is based on Xenical the strong fat blocker than can prevent over a quarter of fat from being digested by your stomach.

Alli went on sale in the spring of 2009 and quickly sold out on the first day of release.

The greatest fact about Alli™ is that it is clinically proven to help you lose 1lb of weight for every 2lb you lose… thus increasing your weight loss by a amazing 50%!

Alli is available to buy as either a 42 pack (approx £19.00) or as an 84 pack (approx £34.00)


Melinda Messanger LipobindQuite possibly the best selling selling diet pill in the UK. Lipobind has been available to buy for several years and has been responsible for countless slimming success stories.

Lipobind is a fat binder and works in a similar fashion to Alli.

Celebrities such as former Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin, TV personality Katie Hill and model Melinda Messenger have all lost weight with Lipobind.

Lipobind can purchased for as little as £12.45 per packet.

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Vanessa Feltz AppesatThe clinically proven appetite suppressant made from seaweed that reduce the feelings of hunger and dramatically cut down your daily calorie consumption.

Appesat is made from all natural ingredients.

TV presenter Vannesa Feltz has found success with Appesat. Appesat cost around £17.00 per packet

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Other high profile diet product brands include:

  • Adios
  • Proactol
  • Unique Hoodia
  • Sliver Slimming
  • Dietrine
  • SlimShot

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