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Pure Acai Berry UK Review

Pure Acai berry UK ReviewAcai Berry products are in abundance, a cursory search on the internet reveals dozens of products each claiming a unique selling point most backed be a contractually obliged celebrity.

The truth of the matter though, is Acai is Acai – or at least it should be.

The sad fact is though a large majority of Acai based products (mostly originating from the United States) are of low quality, un-certified and may contain traces of bacteria.

Acai is often mis sold and mis advertised with many branded products keen to promote just the weight loss angle without digging beneath the surface and explaining what Acai is and how beneficial it can be for many aspects of your health.

“Lose weight, increase energy levels, fight fatigue and remove toxins”

What Are Acai Berries

What are Acai berriesAcai Berries (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) are small round grape-like fruit that grow from palm trees in the Brazilian rain forest.

They are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and are generally accepted globally to the be the No1 Superfood.

Acai Berries can relieve, prevent or soothe a multitude of health conditions and have done so for centuries and generations in South America. It is only relatively recently that the Acai Berry and its benefits were introduced to Europe.

So What Of Pure Acai Berry

Pure Acai Berry is a UK distributed product – they have their marketing  approach just about right.

They lead with the weight loss angle but can be forgiven as the official website explains the other elements of benefit that this tiny Brazilian berry can provide.

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“Acai can slow Free Radical damage – preventing disease and accelerated ageing”

Acai can provide the following health benefits:

  • Weight Loss although Acai berries are not primarily diet pills, they do contribute significantly to helping you lose additional weight or excess body fat. Acai is extremely rich in antioxidants and can help convert excess body fat into fuel.
  • Metabolism Increase – this newly acquired fuel can provide you with extra energy giving you the impetuous to be more mobile.
  • Fight Fatigue – additional energy creates a higher state of alertness, improves concentration  and can increase stamina levels
  • Antioxidant – perhaps the most important function of the Acai Berry is its ability to remove harmful toxins from the body that build up over time. Free Radicals are tiny atoms that are all around us – caused largely by pollution. Free Radicals contribute toward ageing prematurely and can also cause disease. Acai can prevent, cease and stop Free Radical damage.
  • Improves Protein Levels –  Acai is a rich source of protein and 19 different amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein, and you get over 8 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving of Acai.
  • Vitamins And Minerals – Vitamins B1, B2, B3 as well as Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc are all packed into this little purple berry.

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Pure Acai Berry Certification

Pure Acai Berry COA CertificateAn absolutely vital piece of information should be acquired before purchasing any Acai Berry product is its Certificate of Analysis. This document provides proof that the Acai harvested is not on Brazilian sourced but that is also freeze dried immediately after harvest.

Un-certificated Acai will dramatically lose its benefit during transportation to be encapsulated (put into tablet form). Bacteria can also form if the berry pulp is not freeze dried upon harvest.

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Is Pure Acai Berry Recommended

Pure Acai Berry as brand is highly recommended. The product is not only certified but contains a high concentration of freeze dried Acai and is not diluted with any artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives.

Pure Acai Berry is exactly as advertised – Pure Acai Berry  with 1500mg per serving.

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Where To Buy Pure Acai Berry

Buy Pure Acai berry UKPure Acai berry is only available from the official website. The product is based and distributed from within the UK.

Purchases can be made either online or via the telephone. The call centre is based in Nottingham.

The guarantee period is 180 days – if you are not completely satisfied you are entitled to ask for refund.

Latest evoucher code to claim 5% discount is ACAI5 (enter at checkout)

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Weight Loss Or Fat Loss

Fat Loss More Important Than Weight Loss

Lose body fat not body weightThe concept of dieting or trying to lose weight is pretty much univeral the world over.

However, interpreting this is vastly different from country to country even person to person. Possibly the biggest contradiction is the concept of weight loss and fat loss.

The UK tends to associate losing weight with weight loss, while across the Atlantic, American consumers are concerned more with fat loss.

What Is Weight Loss

Most of us use our bathroom scales to determine how much we weigh obviously – but what the bathroom scales do not tell us is how much of our total body weight is comprised of water, fat and muscle.

The bathroom scale is a great indicator for warning us – pleasant viewing is when the reading is a lower value to the time before.

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It is not uncommon for our weight to fluctuate even from morning to afternoon to evening. The most likely reason for our weight varying throughout the day is due to either water retention or water elimination.

Weight loss should be viewed as temporary. Diet products that claim to produce rapid weight loss results are more than familiar with this concept.

A huge majority of quick fix diet pills contain some form diuretic – a substance that can eliminate water from your system.

To the unitiated  a simple before and after weighing session suggests the quick fix pill is working – when your body rehydrates you will son discover than the weight lost is soon put back on.

 Diet Pills that are advertised a “rapid weight loss pills” or “fast working diet pills” are relatively useless.

What Is Fat Loss

Fat loss is a more Americanized term – but nonetheless a correct term. 

Your main aim should be to eliminate body fat or at least turn excess body fat into muscle.

How To Eliminate Excess Body Fat

The equation is relatively simple one and vastly overcomplicated in the main.

In truth a majority of diet plans and weight loss programmes do actually work, it is the dieters inability to apply will power is in most cases their undoing.

If losing weight (body fat) was easy – there would not be a billion pound industry increasing year on year.

In truth a majority of diet plans and weight loss programmes work – it is the dieters inability to last the course and lack of will power is the cause of their failure.

Recommended Diet Plan

Tesco provide one of the UK’s most successful and most particiapted weight loss programmes. The Tesco Diet

Tesco supply everything needed to for long term weight loss and body fat reduction.

Tesco DietsTesco do not provide will power – that is up to you.

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Zalestrim Diet Pills

Zalestrim 3 in 1 Formula

Zalestrim 3 in 1 weight lossThere are weight loss products that are aimed at one specific genre ie. fat binding, fat burning or appetite suppressing.

Then there are those that engage a multi pronged tactic by claiming other health benefits such as detox as well as weight loss.

And then there is Zalestrim

This headline taken directly from the Zalestrim website is both comical and strange!

“Attention All Middle Aged Women”

Apparently the makers of Zalestrim have produced a product that fits the three most important needs of a middle aged women – they have “invented” a product, bottled it and made it available to purchase.

What Is Zalestrim

A diet pill that not only promises weight loss but breast enhancement and a significant increase in sexual desire, a libido enhancer – or put another way, Viagra for women.

So can Zalestrim really aid the weight loss process, make your boobs bigger and give you an increased sexual appetite.

If a product such as this really worked it would be on sale everywhere

Zalestrim The Sexy Part

Sorry to disappoint but we are going to gloss over the sexual benefits of this 3 in 1 wonder formula as it just too ridiculous to go into any great detail.

Zalestrim And Weight Loss

The main focus of this product it would appear is its benefits to dieting and the weight loss. In truth we have no idea how it works and whether it is a fat burner, fat binder or appetite suppressant or just simply relies on the magic of the placebo effect

Any Side Effects

Probably not aside from disappointment and the sprouting of a pair of donkey ears once you realise you have been duped in buying this “Whole Body Tranformation Pill”

Does Zalestrim Work

It is highly unlikely that  you will lose weight using this product – it is even more unlikely that you will notice any increase to you bust size and your sexual appetite.