Fat Loss More Important Than Weight Loss

Lose body fat not body weightThe concept of dieting or trying to lose weight is pretty much univeral the world over.

However, interpreting this is vastly different from country to country even person to person. Possibly the biggest contradiction is the concept of weight loss and fat loss.

The UK tends to associate losing weight with weight loss, while across the Atlantic, American consumers are concerned more with fat loss.

What Is Weight Loss

Most of us use our bathroom scales to determine how much we weigh obviously – but what the bathroom scales do not tell us is how much of our total body weight is comprised of water, fat and muscle.

The bathroom scale is a great indicator for warning us – pleasant viewing is when the reading is a lower value to the time before.

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It is not uncommon for our weight to fluctuate even from morning to afternoon to evening. The most likely reason for our weight varying throughout the day is due to either water retention or water elimination.

Weight loss should be viewed as temporary. Diet products that claim to produce rapid weight loss results are more than familiar with this concept.

A huge majority of quick fix diet pills contain some form diuretic – a substance that can eliminate water from your system.

To the unitiated  a simple before and after weighing session suggests the quick fix pill is working – when your body rehydrates you will son discover than the weight lost is soon put back on.

 Diet Pills that are advertised a “rapid weight loss pills” or “fast working diet pills” are relatively useless.

What Is Fat Loss

Fat loss is a more Americanized term – but nonetheless a correct term. 

Your main aim should be to eliminate body fat or at least turn excess body fat into muscle.

How To Eliminate Excess Body Fat

The equation is relatively simple one and vastly overcomplicated in the main.

In truth a majority of diet plans and weight loss programmes do actually work, it is the dieters inability to apply will power is in most cases their undoing.

If losing weight (body fat) was easy – there would not be a billion pound industry increasing year on year.

In truth a majority of diet plans and weight loss programmes work – it is the dieters inability to last the course and lack of will power is the cause of their failure.

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