One Week Diet Liquid Meal Replacement

One Week diet does it workThe One Week Diet (by One Week Health) obviously has a lot of money to spend where advertising is concerned. Open your Hotmail email account and refresh a couple of times and you are sure to find one of their adverts.

The diet started its existence in the United States and has now found its way to the UK – as a majority of fad diets seem to.

The One Week Diet System is not a diet pill but a liquid meal replacement – it is marketed as a new approach to weight loss, although its hard to reason how a liquid meal replacement can be classed a new.

In truth their is not a lot of information surrounding this product, the official One Week Diet website is packed to the rafters with the usual over elaborate weight loss success stories all claiming to have lost incredible amounts in a rapid time scale.

What Is The One Week Diet System

The plan, program or system, whatever you wish to call it consists of a liquid cleansing solution or drink that is best taken in the morning instead of a breakfast.

There is also an program manual to follow.

The One Week Diet Program suggests it can cleanse your system but the how is conveniently overlooked.

The manual routinely suggests that you watch what eat and get plenty of exercise.

Does The One Week Diet Work

We will have to come to this diet product at a later date, not an awful lot of testimonials, customer comments and weight loss success stories from independent sources appear to exist.

First impression though is that is overhyped and a typical American diet fad.

Until Then…

Alternative Products To Consider

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