Does XLs Calorie Reducer Work

XLs Calorie ReducerXLS Calorie Reducer contains a formulated fibre complex.

The fibre complex binds a large part of the nutritional fat from food consumed – so basically a fat binder. The resulting “bound” fat is then transported throughout the body without being digested and leaves via bowel movements.

As a result of the reduced intake of nutritional fat and cholesterol, the nutritional needs of the body are satisfied by its own cholesterol. Overall the mechanism has a positive influence on the total blood cholesterol level.

*Contains Chitosan*

The active substance contained in XLs Calorie Reducer is dissolved very quickly in the stomach. Therefore the diet pills should be taken immediately before meals.

Looking for XLS Medical Fat Binder
The ‘£2 a day diet pill’ as advertised in the press, although similar in brand name to XLS Calorie Reducer is a different product.
XLS Fat Binder does not contain Chitosan, it is made from cactus extract and can prevent fat absorption and suppress appetite.More about XLS-Medical Fat Binder

Included Ingredients

Unlike a majority of fat binders, XLs Calorie Reducer contains Chitosan.

Side Effects

Most natural fat binders contain a herbal extract – XLs contains extract of shellfish (Chitosan). The long term health implications of Chitosan are as yet unproven and unrealised and so for this reason we cannot give any kind of recommendation to this product.

Where to Buy XLs Calorie Reducer

High street purchases can be made in store at Boots costing around £19.99 for 1 month supply (30 tablets).

Alternative Diet Pills 

Capsiplex is a commercial diet pill that has revolutionised and galvanised the diet pill industry. Introduced by Scottish based Advanced Health towards the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 it has appeared numerous times in the media but for all the right reasons.

Capsiplex is the original “Chili diet pill” and uses the heat from red hot pepper to aid the fat burning process.

Capsiplex is thought to help you burn approximately 280 per day.

More about Capsiplex