Setting A Realistic Weight Loss Target

weight loss targetsIf you are considering that now might be the time to start shedding weight you want to spot just how much weight you must lose and over what timescale.

The most important thing to recollect is to set your weight loss target to one that is achievable otherwise you will be in danger of giving up. You are unique, so select a target that you are happy with.

We are all different shapes and sizes it is purposeless making an attempt to run a parallel target with someone that is shorter or taller than you. The taller you’re the more your body mass is likely be and so any weight reducing scheme will take longer to take effect.

When you’re close to achieving your target you may find the last few pounds are incredibly tough to shift.

This is due to our body realising it is approaching its correct weight and does not wish to creep into the realms of being underweight. Another thing to take into account when setting your goal is how overweight you are now.

That will contribute as to how much weight you need to ideally set to lose in the beginning.

If you have quite a large amount of weight to lose, it is always better to set yourself tiny targets.

For instance, if you are over 3 stone overweight, set yourself a target to lose around 3 to 4 pounds as your first target. Beginning off tiny will help you to keep the goal achievable and you won’t become depressed for not reaching it.

Do you have a psychological image of the ideal you. Is it one of a much younger and slimmer person.

If this is the case you are doubtless trying to reach an unreachable goal as you were probably a ton more active then than you are today.

You have to face up to the undeniable fact that that was then and this is now. Focus on weight loss goal steps instead of a before and after type scenario.

So in summation, the largest reason why you’re improbable to shed pounds and maintain your ideal weight isn’t setting a target that is achievable. By setting a pragmatic goal will give you a good chance of success.

Remember though if you do slip back to old habits and your weight starts to creep back up again – don’t give up.