Decarb Testimonials

The diet pill that appears to be gaining momentum presently is Decarb – the natural carbohydrate blocker.

Decarb is produced from the same company responsible for Lipobind and Appesat, namely Goldshield.

Goldshield are synonymous with quality and their latest product is no exception.

Goldshield appeared to have scored a major a coup by gaining testimonials from two British celebrities: Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson and TV presenter Gail Porter.

There are occasions when the celebrity endorsement can be taken with a very liberal pinch of salt , however both Gail and Linda are outspoken and both are not known to suffer fools gladly.

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If there are two women that could “kill” a product by its failure to do what its says on the tin – both Linda Robson and Gail Porter would be pretty high on anyones list.

Its a good thing both women have experienced weight loss success using Decarb

Linda Robson Decarb Testimonial

Linda was conscious of her weight gain and so got involved with he World’s Best Diet series which took her to Japan to participate in the national diet of raw fish, soya, noodles, rice and vegetables.

This wasn’t exactly an unmitigated success for her as Linda admits she did not find this an easy diet regime to follow and her liking for  British comfort food soon got in the way and with her busy work schedule and she made the mistake of turning to oriental take-away meals.

So Linda turned to Decarb

“I have a busy schedule and family life, I find most weight loss plans impossible to maintain despite support from my loved ones. I lose interest and get fed up of feeling restricted and soon follow my bad ways.

This time I began to take DEcarb alongside a healthy diet – taking more DEcarb when eating carbohydrate heavy meals. I soon realised that this more sustainable than past diets as I wasn’t depriving myself of the foods i like to eat.”

Linda has lost nearly 2 stone

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