Best Diet Pill Without Prescription

Best Diet Pills Available Without Prescription

Several years ago prescription only diet pills (diet pills that can only be obtained after consultation with your GP or doctor) were considered to be preferred to anything that could be purchased in high street chemists.

Prescription diet pills were (and still are) drug based and offered not only potency but also presented the chance of associated side effects. But even so the potency element seem to override the negative impact they could have on health.

Another factor that seemed to extent the prescription only route as the preference was the simple fact that several years ago the choices available through the   route were both limited and not entirely blessed with anything remotely effective.

Oh how the balance has shifted.

Today, although prescription diet pills are still sought after they do not offer anything over and above what some of the scientifically developed and more commercially available product do.

To case these points below are three commercial products that are not drug classed, do not pose a risk of side effects and have a high success rate.

PhenQ – Multi Benefit

PhenQ buy directIf there was an award ceremony for the diet pill industry similar to the Oscars then PhenQ would have all but swept the board this year.

The multi action, multi benefit diet pill is arguably the best selling over the counter diet pill in the UK with numerous success stories attached to it.

PhenQ can burn fat, block fat and suppress appetite – it also has a long 60 dat money back guarantee and is delivered with no delivery cost attached.

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Capsiplex – Fat Burner

Capsiplex is the chili diet pill that has been copied relentlessly ever since it’s introduction.

Capsiplex is a fat burner that can help it’s users burn calories extremely efficiently while not causing the body to overheat/

Taking Capsiplex is said to help burn just as many calories as you would expect to running for 25 minutes or cycling for 40 minutes.

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Proactol XS – Fat Binder & Appetite Suppressant

Proactol XSProactol XS combines two of the most effective mechanics of action that are usually employed by some of the most potent and highest strength prescription only diet pills.

Proactol XS can bind a portion of dietary fat and also reduce the feelings of hunger – using natural ingredients.

Proactol XS is said to be responsible for helping dieters reduce their calorific intake by around 280 per day

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Phen375 – Phentermine Alternative

Phentermine is arguably the most well known diet pill ever to have existed – it is both famous and infamous – the good guy and also the bad guy.

While Phentermine was considered to be the strongest of the prescription grade weight loss medication it also posed the greatest risk of side effects.

The race was on to replicate the positive effect of Phentermine while eliminating the side effects – step forward Phen375

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Anopril Diet Pills

Anopril Fast Acting Diet Pill

Anopril Diet PillsAnopril is advertised as a fast acting weight loss pill designed to increase energy, stimulate metabolism and suppress appetite.

The official website has a very distinct American feel to it and the use of jingoism’s such as…

The ingredients have been combined to address the specific physiological road blocks that have made weight loss so difficult in the past.

underline what so may diet pill manufacturers view now as a must have unique angle.

There are highly dubious testimonials sprinkled on the official website that do not look entirely upstaged. The official website is also rather annoying as a there is a video that auto-plays at full volume every time the home page is visited.

What Is Anopril

An all in one diet pill that promises additional energy, appetite suppression and a raise in the metabolic rate.

Anopril Ingredients


A concoction of ingredients that are widely used in several other diet pill products.

Does Anopril Cause Side Effects

Difficult to be absolutely certain as there are many less than favourable comments, customer comments and testimonials.

Where To Buy Anopril

The official Anopril website seems the most likely outlet.

Is It Recommended

Very hard to recommend considering the facts and ingredients.


Hoodia GordoniiQuite easy to look elsewhere. If appetite suppression is your preferred method of weight control, look no further than Hoodia Gordonni.

Hoodia Gordonni is natural plant based appetite suppressant containing just the one ingredient.

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Liposinol Diet Pills

Liposinol fat binderLiposinol is available without the need of a prescription and is can be purchased in most high outlets and also from many health or supplement related online stores.

It is classed as a natural, herbal based, fat binder – fat binding is one of the most effective classes of diet pills

As with a majority of herbal based fat binders it is uses completely natural ingredients and has limited intervention from the pharmaceutical or chemical world.

Liposinol is a natural fibre complex formulated from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia Ficus-Indica cactus.

How Does Liposinol Work

The basic ideology behind fat binders is to stop the digestion of dietary fat from the food we consume.

The natural fibres contained within the formula bind with fat and form a substance too large for the stomach to absorb.

This new constitution of fat can then simply pass through the body and leave as bowel movements.

Fat binders share similarities with fat blockers but are far removed form fat burners.

Diet pills that burn fat require the body to be mobile before the formula starts to have an effect – whereas fat binders and fat blockers work under their own volition.

Liposinol works on 4  fronts:

  • Binds a percentage of dietary fat
  • Reduces hunger and decreases food cravings
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels

Does Liposinol Cause Side Effects

Highly unlikely to cause a side effect – some diet pills that prevent the absorption of dietary fat can cause a rather unpleasant ruuny stool.

This has been highlighted recently by the introduction of the fat blocker Alli Orlistat.

fat binders do not suffer from this issue anywhere to the extent of fat blockers.

Is Liposinol A Recommended Diet Pill

It is certainly one of the better diet product available on the market – it is free from the hype that surrounds a majority of its competitive products.

Where To Buy Liposinol

Can be purchased in may high street outlets including Boots, Superdrug and many leading supermarket chains.

Similar Fat Binders

lipobind or Proactol comparisonProactol and Lipobind will always overshadow Liposinol. Lipobind is one of the best selling over the counter diet pills currently in the UK.

Proactol a similar but higher strength product has been voted Best Fat Binder for the second year in succession.

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